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Fashion credentials for independent retailing does allow for individual choice, not forgetting the tactile experience of seeing, feeling and trying on the product is what we call ‘The Real Shopping Experience’.

Our very considered approach to customer service affords us one of our biggest opportunities to integrate our client’s expectations alongside brand offerings, which when pared down into real time retail and with our traditional values of getting it right means customers get what they want.

About two years ago we moved away from the usual seasons of Spring Summer and Autumn Winter to a more ‘all year-round season’ in accord with clients high demand for summer garments in wintertime for those escaping to holiday homes and warmer climes resulting in what we now term as ‘seasonless collections’.

Our label offering remains loyal to our tried and tested with only one NEW KID ON THE BLOCK    CROMBIE’.

A fine silhouette, Crombie coats come with or without velvet collars in glorious heritage fabrics or luxury Loro Piana with splashing red lining looking sharp!

Pal Zileri.
Embodies tradition & innovation and is still produced in Quinto Vicentino, Italy by artisans. For example, a jacket goes through 180 construction phases resulting in meticulous detail. Glorious fabrics are sourced from Italy’s finest mills resulting in the 3 Ps ‘perfect, professional, polished’ dressing power. MTM 4 weeks.

The brands Ethos within the industry is master craftsmen doing what they do best, contemporary silhouettes coupled with exquisite tailoring make for a distinct strong combination with simply the finest fabrics around, completely hand made.

Eton Shirts.
Offer shirts that care for themselves in easy recovery cotton, requiring little or no ironing is what Eton are known for. We do offer their MTM service with a lead time of 4 whereby you can choose fabrics, buttons, contrast fabric, and thread, even initials to create your very own special shirt.





Known for their outerwear need no introduction. Summer raincoats, Gortex Jackets and featherweight quilted waistcoats are their speciality.

These are just a few notes on some of the brands that we carry, however, you will find an even greater selection in store where we look forward to welcoming and assisting you to make that extra special purchase.

We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke in-store service!

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