Current Trend - Autumn / Winter 2020
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Whilst the age of change is supposedly upon us somethings manage to remain the same, like the autumn season ushering in its rich palate of colours from hot reds and russets, golden mustards and mossey
greens a warm vibrant palate from the summer brights.

As always, the seasonal chill gives us an excuse to wear all those wonderful luxury fabrics of cashmeres merinos and lambwool. With toning tweeds and flannels just right for those country walks, soft seperates with practicality and comfort in mind weather proofing garments featuring deep pockets and drawstring / elasticated waistbands on trousers prove a useful alternative.

The high street though is changing, recent events forcing an uptake in new digital formats for insance live streamed fashion week for our purchases reducing our carbon foot print, filtering down into our retail space in the form of digital appointments or online ordering
which we are currently evolving.

The current climate being what it is home comforts have come to the fore with loungewear on the rise. amongst many other considerations of a more ecological nature, focus is changing to incorporate sustainable newwave fabrics which are both innivoative and sustainable.
some with specific atributes and uniqueness coupled with being functional as well as fashionable.


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