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A longed-for change ……. The word is out……. Classical Elegant tailoring is trending, men are dressing again! Suiting, shirts even ties, all be it with pleats or coloured panels, are back! Silhouettes remain sharp, trousers slim and shirts lightly fitted as opposed to super slim, it’s all about STYLE!

Filtering down into the everyday mens fashion is once again adopting another focus whereby even the easy casual is smart. Dynamic colour block polo shirts and chinos, or a blazer with denim even, but smart it must be.

Challenges facing the independent market place platforms continue a pace, as shoppers migrate from purchasing in store to online. However, whilst ‘middle of the road’ may struggle, good retailers with core customers need to adopt the strategic position of providing the complete shopping experience coupled with service over and above the norm, something we at George Whiteheads strive to do.

Made to Measure

All types of clients respond enthusiastically to knowledge, great content and buying brand design that is both exciting but wearable. The added bonus is of course being able to choose for one’s self, colour, shape and style these options are met with great success.

As with Pal Zileri on suiting, MTM (4 weeks lead time) involves not only choosing the fabric, but also means selecting linings, buttons and finishes such as AMF stitching.

Knitwear can be ordered in Cashmere, Lambswool or fine merinos featuring a host of colours in various necklines from Crew to Mock Turtle (1week lead).

Eton shirts can also be ordered from the Eton catalogue (one-week lead time), or MTM 4/5 week.

Even Stemar shoes can rise to the challenge.


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